Understanding Generational Disparities in Retirement Planning


The path to retirement is distinctly personal, shaped by economic trends, personal values, and the norms of one’s generation. According to Standard Life’s 2023 “Bringing Retirement Into Focus” report on retirement in Ireland, there are clear differences in how each generation approaches retirement planning. Here’s a breakdown of the attitudes and preparations distinctive to each group.

Baby Boomers (59 – 80 years) have the highest pension ownership rate among the generations at 59%. This group views pensions as essential, with 88% believing in their importance and 74% prioritising retirement savings. Despite their reliance on pensions, Baby Boomers are cautious investors, generally preferring security over high-risk options. They also report the highest levels of financial confidence. An impressive 82% of retirees from this generation are happy with their retirement, underscoring their satisfaction with their approach to planning. 

Their advice to younger generations is straightforward: start planning early, save diligently, and keep a keen focus on retirement goals.

Generation X (43 – 58 years) holds pensions at a slightly lower rate, with 54% owning one. A significant 74% still consider having a pension essential, yet only 45% are maximising their pension contributions. This generation faces financial uncertainties, with just 30% feeling confident about their finances, and they are generally hesitant to seek independent financial advice. 

The path forward for Gen X involves initiating discussions with financial advisors early to enhance their retirement strategies and ensure a secure future.

Millennials (27 – 42 years) show a diverse approach to retirement planning, with 47% already owning a pension and many more planning to start one. They are more inclined to view themselves as investors, with a higher likelihood of holding stocks, cryptocurrencies, and bonds compared to older generations. However, financial anxiety is prevalent among Millennials, with 62% expressing concern over their financial futures and only 28% feeling positive about their financial situations. 

To navigate these challenges, Millennials are encouraged to diversify their investments and maximise tax relief opportunities.

Generation Z (18 – 26 years) is just beginning to enter the retirement planning arena, with 35% owning a pension and another 50% planning to start one soon. This generation is more open to risk in their investment choices, with a significant number engaged in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and bonds. Yet, they face a notable gap in financial advice, with 44% never having sought professional guidance. 

With a preference for digital platforms like fintech apps over traditional banks, Gen Z’s future planning should include integrating professional financial advice to bridge the gap between new tech solutions and traditional financial planning.

The Importance of Financial Advice across all generations is evident. Planners are 1.5 times more likely to feel positive about their finances, and those who receive regular advice report significantly less financial anxiety. The advice not only boosts confidence about pensions but also enhances overall financial positivity and preparedness for retirement.

Conclusion Understanding the unique retirement planning needs of each generation is crucial for effective financial planning. From Baby Boomers maximising their pensions to Gen Z navigating the blend of digital and traditional financial tools, expert advice from trusted advisors like FJ Hanly & Associates is indispensable.

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